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QA4Games – a manual QA service to which you can delegate full or partial testing of your game. The process for you is automated and simplified as much as possible. Just a few clicks to start your testing.

What you get:

  • Speedy QA
  • Individual test plans for free
  • Brushed up manual testing
  • Storage space for test documentation
  • Free bug tracking system
  • Multi-user access for your team
  • Bugs described in detail
  • Multi-project management system
Get the benefits!

Now, understanding what you get using QA4Games, let’s take a look at what you can refuse.

What you don't need

What you
don’t need:

• Purchase of testing equipment or software

• Own team of QA specialists and planning of its load for future periods

• Spend developers’ and project manager’s time on testing activities

• Sacrifice more important things that need to be done

So, it’s all good, but when should you use the service?

When you need it:

  • Between game development stages
  • Just before launch
  • Before final project acceptance from outsourcing
  • When 3rd party opinion is required
  • When your team is overloaded
  • When your team performs only unit tests
  • When there’re upcoming deadlines
  • When budget is tiny
QA Game and enjoy

No matter where you are now, you can always start the testing process in just a few clicks. Get all you need to launch a Bug-Free video game in one click
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