The VR technology can create a world for your players to dive in. To let users feel the atmosphere, but not the bugs, it is necessary to test your game and its behavior, so you can fix all the sound distortions and problems with visualizing. The professional testing platform will definetely help you to resolve it in the fastest and most efficient way. VR game testing service from a professional company is a great opportunity for start-up companies and individual game developers to create a worthy and competitive product. The QA team helps to track how a project is meeting customer expectations and all the requirements.

Over the past year, the US gaming industry has grown by 30%. The global volume of the video game market amounted to about $175 billion, which is almost 20% higher than a year before. Many young development companies want to get into these statistics and develop their games for PC, consoles, and mobile devices. For a game to reach the top and withstand serious competition in the market, all bugs and errors must be eliminated. A professional VR QA testing service will help you with that.

VR Applications Testing

VR is an innovative technology that allows a player to fully immerse themselves in the gaming environment. VR gameplay involves using a special set: a virtual reality headset, game controllers, and sensors. Due to sound effects, images, and imitation of tactile sensations, the highest level of interaction with game objects is achieved.

Don’t confuse virtual reality with augmented reality. Virtual reality technology creates a completely new virtual gaming space, while augmented reality only makes some adjustments (lighting effects, characters, images, etc.) to the real world.

Qa4games tests games and applications with VR sets from different manufacturers, such as Oculus Rift & Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, and Gear VR. You can entrust it with testing different types and genres of video games.

For example, the experts test VR effects on a new series of Nvidia RTX video cards with innovative ray tracing technology. This video card allows creating real-time games with realistic lighting (sun glare, reflections, water, etc.). Thus, if your game was designed using ray tracing technology, we will qualitatively test it on the up-to-date equipment.

The professional QA team reveals all functional bugs to deliver a high-quality product. After fixing the bugs, you’ll provide an immersive experience for your users.

Attractive Prices for Testing VR Games

For its clients, Qa4games offers 3 pricing packages: Basic, ASAP, and Pro Plan. The first one costs from only $369, while the second and third cost from $499 for casual games.

Also, there is a set of free services:

  • Test plan. You need to provide a link to your product to receive an individual free test plan in just 1-2 business days.
  • Free cost estimation. Use a cost calculator on the website to get a precise quote.
  • Multi-access. You can share access to the account with your team for free.
  • Bug-tracking. You don’t have to wait for the final test result. You can always see current bugs found in real-time.

Just fill out the form and start testing right now!

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