You may agree, that every video game should be not only interesting for the end consumer but also commercially profitable. However, financial success is only possible if the requirements of the manufacturers’ management are met. Also, factors such as stability on any player’s equipment is important. This is why manufacturers strictly regulate the application process, and they established rules for all aspects of games, such as terminology, standards, in-game text, instructions, etc. Game compliance testing helps game creators go through the complex certification process faster, which is a mandatory stage when releasing a game. The procedure brings it closer to the end consumer and, therefore, financial success.

When Is Video Game Compliance Testing Needed?

Game Compliance Testing Services are required even at the stage of reaching alpha build milestones, i.e. before the main release. This approach allows speeding up the release process because you don’t have to go back countless times to fix bugs. The main goal of video game compliance testing is to make the product compatible and available on different platforms, such as:

  • Sony PlayStation
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC
  • iOS etc.
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The testing team thoroughly tests gaming software on different types of consoles. Testing takes place in several stages and includes different directions. It gives a comprehensive understanding of the compliance of the final product with the complete list of requirements and requests of console manufacturers. To ensure that the game your company develops is certified for the first time and classified as the one working on the kinds of platforms you want, testers keep their finger on the pulse of updates and news from different types of consoles.

Testers care about the latest guidelines from the console manufacturer, thus ensuring the relevance and accuracy of the data obtained from the analysis of your product. Functionality, performance, stability, as well as the logic of the game and such important points as the absence of vulnerabilities for software and devices of end consumers are subject to a thorough check. Legal aspects are also important: the naming of characters, presence and correctness of a license agreement, adequacy and consistency of the in-game text, etc.

As a result of testing, detecting, and fixing errors, your product will easily pass the manufacturer’s guidelines. It will be recognized as compatible with different types of devices. At the same time, the practice of launching games on different consoles proves high security and reliable protection from any potential risks. To maximize accuracy and reliability, Game Compliance Testing Services use a variety of tools and methods to evaluate game compliance, performance, and stability.

Benefits of Game Compliance Testing from QA4Games

Certification can be stressful; so, it’s better to entrust compliance testing games to the professional QA4Games team. The company will conduct compliance testing on all popular platforms while meeting the agreed deadlines and budget. As a result, you get:

  • saved costs for multiple bug fixes
  • reduced time of repeated applications for certification
  • easy regulation of legal issues
  • a stable and reliable product that will work perfectly on all existing platforms

If you need to speed up the process, or the workload on the team increases, you can count on compliance testing by the expanded QA4Games team.

Submit your game to take full advantage of Game Compliance Testing, and get the desired certification of compliance with the requirements of console manufacturers as soon as possible. With it, you can be sure of the commercial success of the product and the love of users.
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