Third Party Opinion


A small company or startup have their project almost ready and are going to release it to their gamers.


The need for an urgent release of the product, but the lack of the ability to re-enter the market leaves no room for major mistakes and serious bugs in the product.

Example from our experience:

The game studio was in the last stage of development of their long-awaited game. They understand that there will not be a second chance for their game to enter the market successfully, so they cannot disappoint their audience by “stuck in textures” bugs. Therefore, a third-party opinion is needed that will not be biased and will help to identify hidden bugs that are almost always present in any product, even covered with unit tests, at the development stage and which are difficult for the game developers to detect. QA4Games provided the bug list to fix. As a result, the game has 4.8 stars in the market!


In moments like this, QA4Games is exactly what you need. Our complete automated online system will let you start the process of testing in just a few clicks and our professionals will conduct the independent testing you need and identify every bug. Independent experts’ QA opinion with a quick start is what QA4Games provides.
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