Testings With No Proper Result


A small studio with insufficient experience in QA has been testing its game for a very long time but unit tests have not covered all aspects. Other testing services were also used.


Testing has not yielded any results up to this point, but the deadline is fast approaching.

Example from our experience:

About a month before release, the management charged the development team and even the sales team to help two in-house QA engineers to test the project as they used to do for small projects. Four weeks before the release, they get the news that all testing activities, unfortunately, have not resulted in the quality they need, and all activities were in vain. They found the QA4Games service by reference.

For 5 days of testing, our team found about 150 bugs (71 of them were high-priority). They got an average of 30 bugs to work on every day. The payment was just $4,850, and, finally, the team was able to fix the majority of bugs. The launch was timely and successful. Now, QA4Games is the partner of this team.


Go to QA4Games.com! You will get a list of the most common bugs with descriptions to be able to fix everything quickly in the future. Bugs that you’re not even expecting to be there will be disclosed by us and destroyed by you.

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