Testing by Community


A game is developed and ready to be tested. One of the options is to put it through community testing.


It is an important and good step in game development. However, if there is only this step, almost all studios face the next problems:

  • The community will get a buggy product at the beginning.
  • Software engineers will get badly described issues from non-professional testers like “I cannot pass the level.”
  • Disappointment from the community.

Example from our experience:

Before becoming our client, the development studio tested the game via community testing without preliminary professional tests. The studio activities were aimed at finding superficial bugs and working with the community to leave them loyal rather than fixing actual bugs. After 2 cycles of such tests (each of them took a week), the team decided to run the game through QA4Games before inviting community members to beta test.


Instead of releasing the game for community testing and getting terrible reviews and eventually giving up on the alpha version, it is better to provide your community with a high-quality product properly checked by the professionals at QA4Games, where all processes are automated as much as possible, and all intellectual property and interests of clients are protected by US laws.

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