How we help people in need

  • We believe in going good. We test non-commercial video games that help people with disabilities for free.
  • Games made for children’s education are tested for half the price
  • For people who have signed up with a referral code from a friend to save on testing, we provide a 5% discount on all products.
  • 5 bucks for 5 bugs” provides small trial testing for any kind of video game or a money back guarantee.
  • For all our current clients who order a retest after bug-fixing, we offer a 25% discount on it, and a certificate.
Help with QA

If you think that your project can help people, and you need our expertise, we will gladly contribute with your studio or dev-team. Please send us a description of your product to with the subject “Let’s help people together“.

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All deals except “5 bucks for 5 bugs” require ordering a FREE TEST PLAN. Click and see how things are going to be better!
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