Project Transfer


One department is taking over the project from another department or even studio to continue developing the game.


A studio is taking the project to continue development, but it is necessary to detect the bugs in the part that was already done by another team since it is the studio that will be responsible for them. Hence, the completed part of the job should be checked and all flaws discovered.

Example from our experience:

An average time for an engineer to fix a bug in a code is 3 hours. However, if this is a third-party code, the time to fix should be multiplied at least by 3. Therefore, before estimation, the client would like to know a general overview of the current situation with the product.

An investor changed the contractor to complete the development of the game. The studio has faced the situation when they needed to get a project from another developer and become responsible for it. It was necessary to understand the state of the project before starting working with it. The easiest way for the team was to quickly order game testing to get the list of problems and discuss them with the investor before establishing the work order.

Many companies lose time or money to resolve such problems. In this case, to get an understanding of the situation and negotiate a win-win solution, the best option for the investor and the studio was to quickly run the project through the QA4Games testing solution.

Bug Description examples:


There are only three options in such cases:

  1. Accept the project without proper tests and take the responsibility for all the possible inconsistencies.
  2. Spend the time of own software engineers on an investigation.
  3. Use a unique outsourcing service like QA4Games and take advantage of an automated testing process by QA Engineering professionals.

If a studio selects the third option, they will find out what they’re dealing with and will make a proper assessment of what they’ll be responsible for.
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