Project Acceptance


Due to a tiny budget and lack of technical skills (or team), delegating the development of a game project to an outsourcing company almost never allows achieving proper tests.


A good-looking product has been developed, but the core quality is still unknown, and it is, most likely, bad. In addition, the time allotted for testing to reveal hidden bugs and fix them is very limited.

Example from our experience:

When developing a product with a limited budget, project owners were constantly thinking about saving money. Since they had no technical skills in development, they decided to order the project development from an outsourcing organization. However, there was a high probability of getting a product that looks quite good at a glance but has a list of hidden bugs that are difficult to detect and describe without experience in software testing. They had just two weeks to accept the job or provide a list of bugs to be fixed by the contractor before release. A low-quality product will undoubtedly cause investors to reject the project at the very initial stage.

Here is the email our client got from the contractor before coming to us:

The contractor spent 3 weeks fixing the bugs that we found in a week. This was free of charge for our client by their contract.

The client was happy to avoid losing money for a low-quality product.


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