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  • 3 descibed bugs for each project
  • Always free test plan
  • Always free online cost estimation of your tests
  • No obligations
  • Multi-user access to the Account
  • Real-time Bug Tracking
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$1876 from
/for one full test cycle
$499 from
/for one full test cycle
Choose this plan If time is a priority
  • All the free features
  • The best test settings we recommend to cover ALL of your video game tests
  • Fast start (1-2 business days) and reinforced team.
  • Visible start and delivery date.

Pro Plan

$1768 from
/for one full test cycle
$400 from
/for one full test cycle
Be unique. Customize your tests and adjust the price according to your requirements
  • All the free features
  • Easy choice of test types (you can select one or many)
  • Choosing the degree of urgency
  • Free choice of devices for testing
  • Chat support

Dedicated Team

Contact us to discuss the price
$978 /mo
50 test hrs (additional $20/h)
Use your own outsource team anytime
  • Subscription for at least 6 months
  • 50 test hrs monthly plus optional additional hours if your project needs
  • Multi-user access to the Account (for managers, developers)
  • Real-time Bug Tracking
  • Request for tests only 2-3 days before testing.
  • Chat support


  • Always free test plan – Provide us with a link to your product by submitting a form and get an individual test plan for FREE in just 1-2 business days.
  • Always free online cost estimation for your tests – Use our unique cost calculator for FREE to get a precise price for your testing.
  • No obligations – No need to sign a contract or attach your credit card to the platform. It is always up to you either to use the unique testing system.
  • Multi-user access to the Account – You can always give your team members access to your company’s dashboard so they can use all of the advantages.
  • Real-time Bug Tracking – Don’t wait for us to finish all your testing. Use our Real-time Bug Tracking system to monitor each bug as soon as we find it.


  • The best test settings for YOUR video game – The system shows you the most necessary tests for yielding a bug-free product.
  • Quick start (1-2 business days) and a reinforced team – Meet all of your deadlines by starting testing almost immediately and with more specialists involved in the process.
  • Visible start and delivery date – Plan accordingly thanks to the ability to see when testing will start and finish.


  • Free selection of test types – Select only tests you think you really need.
  • Urgency setting – Select the testing start date according to your needs.
  • Free selection of testing devices – Select the devices you think we should use to test your product.


  • A dedicated team of experienced and professional game testers.
  • No ramp-up time – the team is familiar with your game and the game test process.
  • Device farm – the team has an access to the physical devices you may need for tests.
  • Online project and bugs management system included if you need it.

We would be happy to help you make your Video Game professional. Give us a link to the alpha build and in 1-2 days play with possible testing options in the QA4Games dashboard.

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