When you develop console games, QA and testing are important parts of the process. At the testing stage, all possible technical and functional flaws are revealed. If you release a game that has not passed quality assurance testing, it will hardly become popular among users, and your company will likely lose customer confidence. Therefore, you need to entrust the testing of your product to professionals. According statistics, QA testing services are very important for console games development.

Where to Go?

Qa4games is a young US-based company that provides high-quality testing services. It offers fast, professional, and secure solutions for different platforms.

To order testing games on a console, follow the instruction:

  • Enter the website and register.
  • Provide a link to your game.
  • Get a test plan for free.
  • Choose a pricing plan and run your tests.
  • Get a real-time updated bug list.

The average time of test running is from 2 to 7 days depending on a pricing plan.

Console Games Development

Console game development has changed dramatically over the past decades. As technology advances, more and more complex big-ticket games began to appear. However, due to a lack of proper testing, even the industry giants have lost millions of dollars. Performance, functional, or graphics issues have a huge impact on customer feedback and experience. Therefore, a well-tested game, even with a small budget, can reach the top and receive positive reviews.

The global console games industry has grown by $20 billion over the past 5 years. Every year, this figure increases by almost 5%, which indicates a renewed demand for console games. A console game can last from 5 to 400+ hours while keeping a player engaged by its complexity and depth.

There are several advantages to developing games for a console. First, you initially know the device specifications and can be guided by the specific configuration. Secondly, you can be sure that the game will be released on official stores rather than on pirated sites. You can save on protection solutions, which is especially beneficial for start-up companies.

Console Games Testing

Qa4games.com gives access to testing games on dedicated developer debug consoles. This allows you to launch products that are not intended for the end-user. There, you can see a debug log to identify possible errors and weaknesses in the gameplay while evaluating the product from the user side to the fullest.

All the QA specialists in the team are used to think out-of-the-box, which helps with Xbox and PlayStation game testing a lot. In the real world, a player does not always act according to developers’ rules, and a tester must anticipate surprises in user behavior to avoid falling short of customer expectations.

The right equipment onboard provides improved performance and wide functionality. This gives an accurate picture of the actual game flow and allows for faster bug detection.

Qa4games tests games for different types of consoles:

  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • and Nintendo

These are the giants of the global gaming market, which are popular all over the world. Join their audience ASAP by sending us a request message!

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