Testing is one of the most important stages of product development. All functional and non-functional bugs are identified during this stage, in addition to the check of how actual outcomes meet users’ expectations. If a launch of a high-quality game that will become game #1 among users is your aim, then you should always pay enough attention to the stage of testing.

Why Qa4games?

If you’re looking for a game testing company, opt for QA4Games. We are a team of young and talented professionals who established the startup in 2019 in Austin (Texas) which is offering testing services online 24/7.

Our testing company boasts a simplified approach to QA process providing attractive pricing plans to meet the needs of all our clients. Here are the main advantages of our testing service:

  • Ease of use. The professionals from Qa4games simplified and adapted all manual testing processes for ordinary users. Thus, the entire interface and functionality of the service are intuitive.
  • Speed. Depending on the pricing plan, the Qa4games team provides a ready-made list of bugs within 2-7 days on average. Thus, we ensure scrupulous testing and deliver a detailed list of bugs with ways to reproduce and expected results.
  • Quality. Qa4games is a team of professionals equipped with high-end PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Thus, we ensure scrupulous testing and deliver a detailed list of bugs at the end.
  • Reliability.
  • With Qa4games, you can be sure your data and intellectual property are safe. You do not need to grant access to your game code — only a link to a build is required. All personal information is also protected by an SSL security certificate and US law.

PC Game Testing Services

Computers are getting more powerful every year. This provides unlimited possibilities for game developers. For that reason, PCs remain the most promising form of technology for releasing new games and applications.

The main difference between developing PC games and creating apps for consoles and mobile devices is a large number of hardware variables, drivers, and computer operating systems. That is, you can independently configure the required computer capacity: frequency and number of processor cores, RAM size, disk, and video card types.

PC game development is an extremely challenging process, which requires rigorous testing.

Qa4games does the job to a high standard covering all kinds of available operating systems (macOS, Linux, and Windows).

The team can arrange a PC gaming test on any class of video cards: from office or budget to professional or gaming ones.

Various types of graphics cards are featured, including the latest Nvidia options with RTX technology. This new type of graphics card allows for the creation of games with realistic lighting. Thanks to it, developers do not need to manually adjust settings for different in-game light conditions. If your game supports this type of video card, you can test it with the help of Qa4games. The team will provide you with a complete list of game bugs in real-time so that you can start fixing ASAP.

All QA services

Qa4games performs PC testing for games while also working with other platforms: mobile, console games, AR, and VR.

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No matter what platform your game was created for. We will test it properly:

Mobile Games Testing

• Android
• iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Online Games Testing

• Browser Games
• Social Media Games
• Facebook

Console Games Testing

• Xbox
• PS4
• Nintendo

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