Not All Required Test Frameworks are Available


A small company, that has to think about the budget first when making a decision, and lack of devices for proper testing.


A product that cannot be tested on all needed platforms will definitely collapse at the very launch.

Example from our experience:

A startup with a small budget didn’t have all the platforms and devices required to test the game properly. They cannot release the game that was only tested on an iPhone 12 since it will be released for all iOS devices, versions, and screen resolutions.

They came up with a budget for management, using all the necessary services, and hiring QA testers. At the same time, they requested a test plan from QA4Games (it is always free with time and budget included). As a result, it appeared obvious that it is economically unprofitable to get all equipment, hire a team of test engineers, and run the needed testing in-house.

At QA4Games, a dedicated team of our engineers knows the product well and has all the equipment for other platforms.

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An excellent option is to give the product to QA4Games. We have our own in-house range of real devices. We can test everything qualitatively on all the necessary platforms in a short time.
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