Testing mobile games is one of the most important steps in their development process. Some developers manage to create games that become popular among users, while others lag behind and receive only negative reviews. So, what’s the secret to successful video game development?

Over the past year, the global video game market has grown by 12%. This industry is developing rapidly and continues to gather pace every year. So to be competitive, the product must not only be interesting but also high quality.

Any high-quality game always requires an experienced QA specialist performing rigorous testing. During this stage, QA engineers thoroughly test all functional and non-functional aspects to identify shortcomings and bugs. The QA team also looks into the compliance of the actual game functioning with the expected outcomes. Upon doing research, the testing team provides a complete list of bugs and offers ready-to-go solutions to meet customer needs.

Ready Solutions

QA4Games is a promising platform that provides high-quality game testing services. It is a great option for start-up businesses and individual developers. The company offers remote playtest for mobile games along with testing on other platforms:

  • VR
  • AR
  • PC
  • Online
  • Console

The prices start from only $400.

An average time of testing is from 5 to 7 days depending on the ready-to-go pricing plan that you choose. As a result of the testing, you start receiving a detailed bug list in real-time, so you can start fixing them immediately.

Then, you receive a real-time updated bug list to immediately jump to fixing the problems.

Mobile Game Testing

Almost 60% of the total revenue of the global gaming industry comes from mobile games. There are many advantages to developing games for mobile devices:

  • You don’t need to meet complex system requirements to develop a mobile game.
  • It can be developed for weaker devices than PC games.
  • Mobile games have a much lower threshold to enter the market than apps for PCs or consoles.
  • There are free development environments to make a game of the right quality for the mobile segment.

The Qa4Games company offers testing services for mobile games across different operating systems (Android and iOS), screen resolutions, mobile device configurations, and types (tablet or phone). The experienced specialists check the performance using devices of different classes (budget, medium, and premium segment).

Here are some aspects of testing mobile games:
  • QA specialists check the consistency of all levels and find useless levels or gaps in difficulty. For such testing, it is better to provide a demo version of the game. This will help identify and fix bugs early in the development stage.
  • High-quality graphics is the point that attracts customers the most. A tester checks various visual glitches and texture shifts.

It is important to carefully check the functionality of characters in the game, saving or purchasing features, etc. Flaws in the functionality can make it impossible for a player to perform certain actions, save the game, or move to the next level.

The Qa4games team thoroughly analyzes and investigates gameplay to provide you with a complete bug list. Get on board by sending us a message with a link to your build and a brief project description!

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