How To Avoid Market Compliance Blockers


A new company with no or little experience in launching games aims to launch a game and publish it on several app markets.


The quality of the game doesn’t meet the requirements necessary to be published on app markets.

According to CNBC, in 2020, Apple’s stats were as follows:

• Apple rejected almost 1 million apps that were submitted for the first time
• And almost 1 million app updates

Apple kicked 470,000 accounts from its developer program because of fraud.

In addition, Apple said that last month, it rejected 3.2 million installations of apps that use an enterprise certificate, which is a way to evade the App Store with a tool that big companies use to install internal-use apps on iPhones.

As far as App markets have very high standards, developers try to make the product high-quality so that it is accepted by App Store.

Example from our experience:

The studio management was quite frustrated. They were enforced to delay a new version of the game several times because of rejections by App Store. The reps requested to conduct market compliance tests of the game. For now, we test every update once in 2 weeks for market compliance, and there are no delays anymore.

Market compliance blockers


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