In-house and Friends & Family Testing


An in-house developed game is ready, and high-quality testing is needed.


The development team can’t fairly estimate the product they created. Friends and relatives are inexperienced, and their opinion can be biased. Therefore, proper testing cannot be done by such regular users.

Example from our experience:

A young team of developers who created a really great product tried hard to test a game with the development team, friends, and family. The problem with the development team is that they know how it should work and cannot see the process beyond their own boundaries. The problem with friends is that they don’t have the right experience and knowledge to properly describe the bugs they find. And as soon as they got stuck, they lost interest in testing anymore.

Finally, after having understood that the quality is far from being perfect since many bugs are so obvious that for game characters, even corners of buildings are a problem, they decided to contact QA4Games, information about which they found on the Internet. This was a new experience for them, but it was the right decision. Our specialists were able to find about 250 bugs in the final version, with more than half of them being serious and very serious.

In-house expenses:

Four weeks and five engineers, which is 800 hours with an average rate of $45 per hour = $36,000 and no proper result.

Payment to QA4Games for professional testing:

$6,500 and the bug list compiled in 10 days. We are grateful to our client for the trust with testing. All the bugs found were fixed in 4 days by the client’s brilliant engineers before release.

We are happy when our clients are satisfied and profitable!


To save your precious time, leave this work to QA4Games professionals, who will help to get your game tested properly and quickly without spending valuable resources on it.
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