We created and successfully started to use a simple solution for testing most types of video games. For the client, this is a fully automated online service, were user receives in real time the full range of bugs found by manual and automated methods. Using this service, your team gets the opportunity to quickly release a bug-free product of the highest quality.

If you are ready to try the most efficient and innovative service, but do not know where to get a link to a build (for excellent testing we don’t need a code, only a build), consider the next options:

– If your game is on AppStore
– If your app is on TestFlight
– Android games
– If your game is Web app
– GitHub, Bitbucket, or any other external downloads


iOS application

  • 1) Go to the AppStore and find your application
  • 2) Click on this icon (red circle)
  • 3) Click on Copy Link and Paste it into the field on your personal dashboard.



Please, follow the steps below to invite us as an external tester to your TestFlight project using this e-mail address for invitation: qateam@qa-solution.com

  • 1) In the link field on the dashboard write the name of your app.
  • 2) In the description field write down the word “TestFlight”.

3) Login to the iTunes Store using your Apple ID and Password.

4) Click on “Users and Access”.

5) Then click on the “+” icon to add qateam@qa-solution.com in the user list.

6) Then it shows a form to fill up:

Give the user’s first name – “QA”, last name – “Supermarket” and email – “qateam@qa-solution.com”. All the fields are mandatory.
Then choose a role for that email address (tester).
Then choose the application for which the user will be added as a tester.

7) Then click on the “Invite” button for an email address, an invitation link will be sent to the specific email address.

8) After accepting the invitation then go to “My Apps”.

9) Select an application for which you want to add the tester.

10) Go to TestFlight and click on “App Store connect users”

11) Next click on the “+” icon to add the tester’s email address.

12) If the user has received an invitation then it should show their email address. Check that specific email address and click on the “Add” button.

next type ->

Android application

Please provide a direct download link for the apk file or:

1) Go to the Google Play Store and find your application

2) Click on this icon (red circle)

3) Choose Share from the dropdown menu

4) Choose Copy to clipboard and Paste it into the field in your personal dashboard on our website

Any other external downloads

You can also place the build of your game on any server that has external access and copy the link (http://, ftp://, https:// etc) to the project.

If what we described here is not a problem for you, let’s start testing!

Join people who have already launched their bug-free products

Andrew Chan
Lead of Production at
In game development it’s hard to plan your QA capacity for months ahead. Of course big companies can have QA reserves, active contracts with outsourcing - but that’s not the case for small and mid-sized companies. That’s where QA4Games shines - being there to help when it’s needed most.
Alex Vaytehovsky
Senior mobile client developer at Playtika
What I really want to highlight from my experience with QA4Games is that the guys understand that time nowadays is the most important resource for people. Thank you for that!
Fern Basuin
Quality Assurance Manager at
We started using this service for the first time in December 2020 to help us filter out the interface bugs. With this service, we have been able to dedicate our testing time within our team more towards specific features and trusting that they will take out the visual bugs. This saved us valuable time. We would definitely recommend this service to other companies as it is easy to use, they are willing to adapt to your company style and are only satisfied when you as a client are satisfied.
Malik Khatajaev
GM of Wargaming Lesta
I would highlight professionalism, wide experience, and focus to result. Pleasure to deal with
Jenny Shulman
QA specialist at Startup Hub
We understand that without proper testing the launch of our game would fail. QA4Games in a short time found more than 130 major bugs. I am glad that I found this service provider and decided to trust.
Valentin Maican
Full stack developer at CoTown
We are really happy with the depth, quality and speed of your service! It helped a lot and I wish we would've done it actually sooner instead of relying on testing partners who didn't go as in depth.
Louigi Kanski
UX Designer, entrepreneur
QA4Games service is a huge game-changer which gives an opportunity to small studios like mine. We had a good game but did not have all needed equipment to test it properly. Very happy with the service they provided and the automated process that they created and offered to their clients. I would strongly recommend this professional service!