QA4games is a game testing outsourcing company that gives you access to the knowledge and skills of a team of experts who specialize in games and have extensive experience in various areas of quality control.

It means that you can entrust us with your product, thereby ensuring the high quality of your game, protecting it from failures and vulnerabilities. Using special testing software helps to detect bugs in time and avoid potential customer complaints. By doing so, you care about the reputation of your team’s product as well as reduce the possibility of product returns, criticism, and negative reviews.

We test different types of games, both options for smartphones and multiplayer games for consoles.

Why Outsource Game QA?

There are several good reasons why experienced development teams become our regular customers. Outsource game testing means getting access to a large team of experienced testers who are not only well-versed in the specifics of different game genres. They also have an excellent understanding of the architecture, psychology, and gameplay of each title.

They know exactly where the weaknesses are and can spot them much faster than developers or end users. Finding bugs at the early stages makes it possible to quickly fix the situation. In this case, the foundation of the whole game will be built correctly, while in the case of vulnerabilities and errors, sometimes, you have to go back too far into the code to maintain the quality and stability of the video game.

In addition, the game testing outsourcing studio provides even more advantages:

Outsourced Game QA Services use not only vast experience in their work but also the best tools, technologies, and frameworks, which often becomes a key factor to look deep into the game and find even the rarest and insignificant problems. In the hands of professional testers, tools such as Robotium, Device Anywhere, Appium, and other specialized applications end up, which also require optimal skills and experience of interaction to get the most useful information.

Testing a product in-house will require redirecting the existing team forces to this task, thereby slowing down the development process. Or the team expands, which brings new costs and a significant increase in the spending on the process. The game testing outsource team makes it possible to keep within the existing budget and reduce the time spent on developing a game or finding additional workers to perform the required amount of work.

Accordingly, the game will enter the market within the agreed timeframe, and you won’t miss the moment when it can still get into trends and become relevant. Indeed, in the field of video games, the rule applies: whoever comes out first collects the cream, and the project becomes commercially successful.

How to Choose a Game Quality Outsourcing Company?

As in any other area, game QA outsource must be evaluated according to several important criteria before moving on to intense interaction. It is important for the customer of testing services to not only understand the tools that the team works with and evaluate the experience of experts but also deal with other equally important factors:

  • Project management structure. When a team specializes in one type of service, it has the best software and specialists at its disposal to help solve the problem as efficiently as possible.
  • The quality of the laboratories and the technology owned by the QA company must be relevant to the market.
  • Adequacy of payment. If you see that the value of the services provided is significantly higher than their cost, this is a good sign and an excellent prospect.

QA4Games Proc

Our team has complied with all important criteria. Leave a request and become a QA4games partner today to become successful in the video game market tomorrow.