QA4Games is an online service which provides outsourced game testing carried out by human professionals in game quality assurance, and accompanied by a highly automated process. It is designed to help you start immediately, and after just a few clicks, get your game tested within a week.
No time? Tiny budget but still need to deliver a high quality game? Here you go! provides the easiest way to test your games at an affordable price for small companies and startups, but with the highest quality industry standards. Our pricing starts from just 369$! You don't have to pay extra for the routine work of processing and evaluating your project, which is usually done by a person, since at QA4Games all these steps are done automatically. You can find pricing for our QA services here . When your test plan is ready, you can always use our online calculator to get accurate pricing for your tests.

First of all, there is no other QA company that provides game testing services carried out by human professionals and has such an automated process from the very beginning to the very end.
Secondly, using our QA services is:
• Obviously cheaper than hiring a QA team;
• Definitely better than looking for ordinary outsourcing;
• It is 100% faster than looking for different solutions;
• surprisingly more profitable than doing it yourself.

From the first seconds of being on our website, you can create a personal account and you will get access to the following tools that you can start using instantly and absolutely for free:
• Always a free test plan
• Always free online cost estimation of your tests
• No obligations
• Multi-user access to the Project
• Real-time Bug Tracking

Our outsourcing game testing company provides you with an individual test plan for your game within 1-2 days as soon as you provide us with a link to the game. You need just a few clicks to start the process!

Using our service you are able to test your video game on:
• Playtests
• Focus Tests
• Regression Tests
• Smoke Tests
• Acceptance Testing
• Exploratory Testing
• Stability
• Performance
• Security
• Usability
• Functionality
• Interrupt
• Installation
• Compatibility

Thanks to our large testing laboratory, we can test games for a wide variety of platforms.

We provide the following types of testing:
• PC games testing (Windows Game Testing, MacOS Game Testing, Linux Game Testing).
• Mobile Games Testing (Android, iOS (iPhone и iPad).
• Online Games Testing (Browser Games, Social Networks Games, such as Facebook Games).
• AR game testing
• Console Games Testing
(Xbox, PS4, Nintendo)
• VR Testing (Oculus Rift & Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, Gear VR)

At QA4Games, in order to get your game tested from top to bottom, you should follow these simple steps:

1. Register on the platform
2. Provide access to your game (Link to a build – not the code)
3. Get a test plan (play with it and adjust)
4.Run your tests
5. Get a bug list. (Get a real-time updated bug list)

Now you can start fixing your bugs immediately as they appear in our real-time bug tracking system!
Enjoy this fully online process!

The experience of our engineers is pretty wide. Here is the list of Game Genres which we have tested:
•Casual/Hyper Casual
•4x strategy games
•Action Games
•Adventure Games
•Platform Games
•Racing Games
•Survival horrors
•Open World Games

That is 100% true!
Not every outsourcing game testing company can guarantee that your project is protected by US law. We can and we do!
Your secret is our secret too!

First of all, you do not even have to have a separate bug tracking system to track your bugs as our game testing company provides you with our own internal system where you can monitor all bugs with detailed descriptions appearing as soon as they are found by our specialists.
If it is still more convenient for your team to use the system that they are used to using - not a problem at all. We integrate with all major bug tracking systems such as JIRA, Asana, TESTLink etc…

Using QA4Games you get the following things for free:

• Always free test plans
• Always available online cost calculator
• NDA signed by our side
• Personal multifunctional Dashboard
• Real-time bug tracking system with multi-user access

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QA4Games is a manual game testing service with a simplified process for users. The whole process is completely online and requires just several clicks to start and run testing. The testing itself i performed by professional engineers on a wide set of devices and platforms.
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