With every passing year, AR video games have been occupying an increasing share of the software market. For the products to engage customers, it is necessary to make the gameplay and graphics even more sophisticated. Thereby, it is becoming challenging to produce quality augmented reality games. Each game must go through a complex and multi-stage testing process before release. So, it is important to choose a reliable platform to satisfy all your wishes and fit your budget.

Quality Provider

Qa4games is a young talented company that offers a wide variety of AR game testing services. The professional team finds existing bugs in your games and offers personalized solutions. It is an ideal company for small enterprises or individuals aiming at creating perfect video games.

There are several reasons for you to choose Qa4games:

  • Quality. The professional team of specialists performs thorough testing. The result is a clean, fully functional game or program without bugs.
  • Speed. Thanks to well-coordinated work and smart automation, the company provides testing services several times faster than competitors. On average, the testing process takes 2 to 7 days.
  • Ease of use. All manual testing processes are simplified as much as possible, which makes them intuitive. Even a person without special skills can easily use the service.
  • Security. All software details, intellectual property, and your personal information are reliably protected by US law and an SSL security certificate.

AR Game Testing

AR or Augmented Reality is a rapidly growing technology, which has been widely used in games and mobile applications for the past 10 years. It allows the creation of three-dimensional visual effects using cameras and sensors. It goes beyond a mobile device and interacts with the outside world. More and more mobile game developers are introducing this technology into their products. A well-designed and carefully tested AR game can bring huge profits and popularity to a developer. For example, the innovative Pokémon Go game with AR effects was ranking #1 on the list of the most profitable mobile games from 2016 to 2018.

Qa4games provides AR testing services in various environments, such as indoor, outdoor, under different illumination levels, at various distances to the game’s object, against contrasting or monochrome surfaces, glossy or matte ones.

The company also tests various AR mechanics, such as hunting, pathfinding, filtering, time-shifting, or re-animating. The team explores all 360 degrees of the augmented space and rigorously checks animated characters if any. This includes animation mechanics, the characters’ dialogues, and any other interactive experience.

If AR content is available in the Web format, it is checked either directly through a browser or via an application installed. Also, the Qa4games team tests AR effects on different devices and operating systems (iOS, Android, a phone, or a tablet).

You will receive a complete up-to-date list of identified bugs after testing, so get down to work, and send us a message!

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