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Our company provides game testing for different platforms

No matter what platform your game was created for. We will test it properly:

PC Games Testing

• Windows Games Testing
• MacOS Games Testing
• Linux Game Testing

Mobile Games Testing

• Android
• iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Online Games Testing

• Browser Games
• Social Media Games
• Facebook


Extend gamers' reality

Console Games Testing

• Xbox
• PS4
• Nintendo

VR Games Testing

• Oculus Rift & Oculus Touch
• HTC Vive
• Gear VR

Join people who have already launched their bug-free products

Make your customers happy - release bugfree products
Andrew Chan
Lead of Production at
In game development it’s hard to plan your QA capacity for months ahead. Of course big companies can have QA reserves, active contracts with outsourcing - but that’s not the case for small and mid-sized companies. That’s where QA4Games shines - being there to help when it’s needed most.
Alex Vaytehovsky
Senior mobile client developer at Playtika
What I really want to highlight from my experience with QA4Games is that the guys understand that time nowadays is the most important resource for people. Thank you for that!
Fern Basuin
Quality Assurance Manager at
With this service, we have been able to dedicate our testing time within our team more towards specific features and trusting that they will take out the visual bugs. This saved us valuable time. We would definitely recommend this service to other companies as it is easy to use, they are willing to adapt to your company style and are only satisfied when you as a client are satisfied.
Malik Khatajaev
GM of Wargaming Lesta
I would highlight professionalism, wide experience, and focus to result. Pleasure to deal with
Jenny Shulman
QA specialist at Startup Hub
We understand that without proper testing the launch of our game would fail. QA4Games in a short time found more than 130 major bugs. I am glad that I found this service provider and decided to trust.
Valentin Maican
Full stack developer at CoTown
We are really happy with the depth, quality and speed of your service! It helped a lot and I wish we would've done it actually sooner instead of relying on testing partners who didn't go as in depth.
Louigi Kanski
UX Designer, entrepreneur
QA4Games service is a huge game-changer which gives an opportunity to small studios like mine. We had a good game but did not have all needed equipment to test it properly. Very happy with the service they provided and the automated process that they created and offered to their clients. I would strongly recommend this professional service!
a traditional workflow
the QA4Games' testing workflow
the only service you need for valuable game testing

Professionals rely on
QA professionals

As professionals we provide an effective and reliable solution that will help your product work properly from the very beginning.

Fully online process

Our solution is fully online. You can start your testing process at any moment without delay.

Free test plan in 1-2 days

As soon as you provide us with a link to your Video Game, we start preparing a test plan in our testing lab.

Free online Bug Tracking

No need to wait for the moment when all the bugs are found. Begin fixing already discovered bugs with our free real-time bug tracking system. We also work with the most popular Bug Trackers like: JIRA, Asana, TESTLink. etc.

Launch The Game That Everyone Loves

Any team that develops a video game faces the same situation in the development process - Quality Testing. Of course, your game is covered by Unit tests, but usually, they cannot predict unexpected user behavior. That’s why any game should be thoroughly tested before its launch. Bugs may cost your team lots of hours. We have found a solution to help you test your game in a quick, easy, and cost-effective way.

Let's prepare your game for success

No matter where you are now, you can always start the testing process in just a few clicks. Get all you need to launch a Bug-Free video game in one click

Choose QA4Games to automate your video game testing process

Your team members will enjoy QA4Games because:

You can choose either to use our professional internal dashboard or softwares like JIRA, Asana, TESTLink in order to get a list of bugs.

Just after we start a testing of your game, you will see bugs uploaded in real-time in your bug tracking dashboard. Your developers can start to fix these bugs while we are going on with testing.

Our QA professionals will not only find and indicate bugs but also provide you with a full description of each bug found in according to the industry standard:
• Steps To Reproduce
• The Result User Gets
• Screen Recording

The Most Flexible QA

No Code Needed. NDA Upfront. Choose the plan that works best for you


Take a look at the features you can use. Try some of the useful tools
  • 3 descibed bugs for each project
  • Always free test plan
  • Always free online cost estimation of your tests
  • No obligations
  • Multi-user access to the Account
  • Real-time Bug Tracking
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$1876 from
/for one full test cycle
$499 from
/for one full test cycle
Choose this plan If time is a priority
  • All the free features
  • The best test settings we recommend to cover ALL of your video game tests
  • Fast start (1-2 business days) and reinforced team.
  • Visible start and delivery date.

Pro Plan

$1768 from
/for one full test cycle
$400 from
/for one full test cycle
Be unique. Customize your tests and adjust the price according to your requirements
  • All the free features
  • Easy choice of test types (you can select one or many)
  • Choosing the degree of urgency
  • Free choice of devices for testing
  • Chat support

Dedicated Team

Contact us to discuss the price
$978 /mo
50 test hrs (additional $20/h)
Use your own outsource team anytime
  • Subscription for at least 6 months
  • 50 test hrs monthly plus optional additional hours if your project needs
  • Multi-user access to the Account (for managers, developers)
  • Real-time Bug Tracking
  • Request for tests only 2-3 days before testing.
  • Chat support

Some Cases and Success Stories

Get inspired about how our smart QAAS can boost your project

Project Transfer

Project Transfer


One department is taking over the project from another department or even studio to continue developing the...

Publisher’s control


The great example of interaction between QA and development teams is a Publisher’s QA.


Project Acceptance

Project Acceptance


Due to a tiny budget and lack of technical skills (or team), delegating the development of a game project to an...
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